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Winter is the best time to start planning for your new building projects. Often, there are so many choices to be made before you can even start the construction of a new deck but if you start gathering information, you can make informed decisions when the time to construct comes. It also gives you something to look forward to during the winter months! One of the simplest things to consider is composite or wood decking. Calif Construction can help you understand the pros and cons of a wood deck, but here are the top reasons we think you must consider composite decking.

Wood Deck

Easy to maintain Unlike wood, there’s no annual staining or sealing with composites. There are no rot, warping, twisting, or splinters, which means you can build and enjoy the deck without any worries. One best way to maintain composite decks is to sweep if needed and hose it down occasionally. It’s stain-resistant, but marks can be removed with water and soap. Talk to our deck specialists in Oakland, CA or more information.

Eco-friendly Often, composite decks are made from plastics and wood scraps such as wood fiber pieces, wood chips, and sawdust. Because plastics and wood scraps are recovered or recycled, composite decks are more eco-friendly and sustainable products. You won’t have to use harmful stains, sealers, or paint to protect your wood deck. You can also create less waste on project sites and also last much longer, saving unnecessary trips to landfills.

Higher durability Extreme weather conditions can harm your wood deck. Our deck construction services can withstand these conditions and offer long-lasting beauty. It can also resist fading, staining, and mold. With minimal maintenance and care, these decks can last for years.

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Higher value If you’re thinking about what the state of your deck is or might be when you sell your home, a quick search tells you that decks can increase your home’s value by about 80% of the project cost.  But, wear and tear decrease that value over time. If you haven’t maintained your wood deck, it can lose most of its value within 7 years or even become a liability during negotiations. Normally, composite decks maintain their value longer. If you need some assistance in building a deck for your property in Oakland, CA, call Calif Construction at (510) 210-1646 today.

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